Everything You Need To Know About eHawk

Welcome to the first eHawk blog post. Our goal is to make this space your go-to source for innovation and up-to-date information about criminal justice in the United States.

eHawk is a new technology company that is focused on improving outcomes in criminal justice by applying a science-driven approach that saves critical funding every step of the way.

Our flagship product, RePath allows jurisdictions to communicate with and monitor a participant though every stage of the criminal justice process without the need for unnecessary incarceration or physical hardware attached to the body. RePath is perfect for managing populations in pre-trial, probation, and parole. In short, RePath:

  • Utilizes the participant’s own smartphone
  • Sends random check-ins using facial-recognition to identify the participant
  • Provides location data if ordered by a court
  • Provides inclusion and exclusion zone if ordered by a court
  • Provides a participant the opportunity to prove compliance with conditions of release
  • Provides a local and customized list of public services to the participant
  • Sends repeated court reminders and appointment reminders
  • Provides immediate two-way communication

RePath is already making a difference in several different states with our technology and fully-staffed monitoring center. We look forward to making RePath available in every state in the near future. To learn more about RePath, click the RePath APP link at the top of this page. For a demo or to ask any questions, you can email us at info@ehawksolutions.com or call us at (844) 751-1014.

Bookmark this space or follow us on twitter @ehawksolutions for continuing updates on criminal justice, including the current state of bail reform, the economics of innovation in criminal justice, the state of hardware monitoring in pre-trial, probation, and parole, Covid-19 and corrections, and the costs and benefits of court reminders.

We believe that improving outcomes in criminal justice is not impossible. It’s just very hard and gains are earned on a local level. We are committed to that day-to-day work all cross the US and we believe that our technology solutions will light that path.