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eHawk Solutions has developed a more effective way to supervise offenders and other individuals and shape their behavior.

eHawk Solutions has developed a more effective way to supervise offenders and shape their behavior through interaction with their supervision. Rather than observe the behavior and compliance of relatively few individuals, eHawk Solutions can identify behavioral variations and anomalies in very large numbers of offenders through the utilization of enhanced monitoring, data analytics and extensive corrections and behavioral knowledge; all presented through a user-friendly technology platform. The cost of our solution is significantly less than traditional monitoring, both financially and in terms of needs for internal agency resources, thereby making it available for potentially all individuals in corrections in a jurisdiction – not just a small percentage currently subjected to the traditionally obtrusive electronic monitoring measures.

Platform Dashboard View

Platform Dashboard View

eHawk Solutions provides real-time, accurate, data driven offender management guidance to authorized agency personnel. With a scoring table embedded in our proprietary algorithm, agencies will now have a dynamic caseload management tool that allows the supervising officer to view a real-time list of offenders ordered by relevant risk/compliance level. We believe this dashboard list can become an effective “hit list”, permitting the supervising agency to focus their time on those offenders most likely to recidivate based on data collected the day before and analyzed for their entire length of supervision while enrolled in the program.

Check In Dashboard View

Platform Check-in Summary Details View

Data is collected through an application downloaded on the offender’s smartphone. The application  automatically prompts the offender to conduct a check-in via the downloaded app. These check-ins can be scheduled by the supervising agency or occur randomly throughout the day. During each check-in, the offender provides user authentication information such as a real-time photo, personal questionnaire and/or fingerprint verification when such functionality is available on the phone. The process takes seconds to complete.

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The check-in process is the initial means of assessing offender compliance within the eHawk Solutions supervision program. Additionally, the application constantly runs in the background on the offender’s phone, collecting GPS points multiple times an hour. Collected data is automatically compared to historical location data and analyzed for relevant deviations specific to each offender. Certain interactions between offenders can also be red-flagged for possible questionable associations as well as identifying  potential “hot spots” for criminal activity. With the addition of geographical inclusion and exclusion zones, offenders can be “confined” to their residences (i.e., curfew confirmation) and monitored for travel restrictions.

Offender Location Report

Platform Offender Location Report

By harnessing the power of the smartphone, eHawk’s unique technology can make enhanced supervision an economic reality for potentially millions (instead of thousands) of offenders. Consequently, offender program compliance rates could conceivably increase by as much as 94.7%, with a corresponding reduction in the rate of recidivism by as much as 15% or more. Ultimately, increased compliance and reduced recidivism will save taxpayers millions of dollars, help offenders stay on the right path, and for the first time, profoundly change the way corrections functions in the United States.