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RePath App

RePath App

Is utilized to electronically supervise the criminal justice population previously omitted from any electronic monitoring platform. The app includes GPS “breadcrumb” data tracking, biometric testing and availability of other interactions with the app user. The RePath is simple in its approach: once downloaded, the RePath app begins immediate tracking (multiple GPS points per hour) and random “check-in” confirmations. The “dependability” of the offender is calculated, employing our proprietary scoring algorithm. Offenders are moved up or down on a supervising officer’s dynamic caseload management list. The lower the dependability score – the higher the likelihood of re-offense, allowing the officer to focus their limited resources on the most at-risk offenders. This may have the effect of reducing new crimes and recidivism over time.

The Solution

  • Defendants utilize their own mobile device
  • Defendant app sends location and biometric data to platform
  • Officer has multiple mobile app and dashboard views for enhanced, expedited supervision
RePath Defendant Biometric Check-in3
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Defendant Benefits

  • Ease of Use
  • Unobtrusive check-in
  • Reminders sent to defendant for Court, treatment, etc.
  • Secure in-app two way video and text communication
  • Access to services (addiction, mental health, education, employment)
  • Nearly frictionless compliance with court order—no direct cost, enroll in minutes, check-in in seconds, access court services directly, delete app in seconds.

Biometric Check-in

RePath Biometric Photo Check-in
Photo capture of defendant during enrollment for facial recognition comparison upon check-in
Re-Path App Defendant Questions
Re-Path App defendant questions presented during check-in
Biometric Check-in Picture Status
Re-Path App defendant 
check-in confirmation