eHawk is proud to supplement its innovative monitoring software with the most secure, reliable and convenient one-piece GPS device on the market - combining a unique, robust and easy-to-use design with state-of-the-art secure and precise location technologies. GEOSATIS has developed a revolutionary solution that improves upon existing devices in every way while also providing for a no-contact install and removal process. eHawk is proud to offer this solution for immediate implementation across the United States.

COVID-19 compliant.The unique and innovative GEOSATIS GPS device does not utilize straps – helping to lower risk and provide a more secure monitoring device solution. This device design is multi-sized and includes hardened plastic, a secure titanium-based locking mechanism and embedded fiber optics. The GEOSATIS GPS device eliminates the simplest way to remove a device – cutting the strap. It also reduces the opportunity for tampering with the overall device. Perhaps more importantly given the social distancing requirement created by COVID-19, the GEOSATIS device is the only available body-worn device that can be installed and removed without person to person contact. Installation and removal require no tools, can be accomplished in less than 15 seconds, and (in the appropriate circumstances) even accomplished remotely through software.

Reliable. A key issue within GPS monitoring programs is how to appropriately assess and deal with “false” strap tampers – an issue that challenges agency staff time and resources. Because the GEOSATIS GPS device does not utilize straps within its design, “false” strap tampers are eliminated – freeing up agency staff to focus on “real” alarms and/or other supervision activities.

Convenient. The GEOSATIS GPS monitoring device comes with a mobile charger that easily attaches to the device and provides a full charge within 90 minutes. This mobile charger technology allows the offender to discretely and easily charge their device at work, in the community, at home, etc. – no need to be tethered to a wall. The LCD display atop the charger indicates the battery status of the device and the charger; and then provides both visual and audio notification (via audio tone) to the offender when charging is complete.

Tamper Resistant. The GEOSATIS GPS device is made of hardened plastic, and has a secure, titanium-based locking mechanism and embedded fiber optics – and no straps; eliminating strap cuts and strap-connection point tampers. Embedded fiber optics detect when the device is opened or cut; and embedded light sensors detect when the casing is punctured. It is important to note, that the GEOSATIS design incorporates the most secure, integrated method of securing the GPS tracking device to an offender. The “erector set” multi-piece design utilized by competitive products adds multiple variables to every installation that can cause additional work for installers, stress for offenders, and potential issues regarding the accuracy of tamper detection. GEOSATIS’ use of a “no strap” design, removes all inconsistencies with the installation process.

Offender Alerts. Participants are notified of low battery or zone violations (if desired by the supervision officer) via an automated vibration. Additionally, supervision officers can initiate a vibration command to the device, at any time, within the monitoring software interface.

Monitoring. eHawk utilizes the monitoring software interface and platform from GEOSATIS that receives, stores and displays data generated by the device; as well as information generated by the software system. This software allows for the management and supervision of offender’s while being monitored via electronic monitoring. This software can be accessed 24/7/365 from any computer or smartphone with a high-speed internet connection.

GEOSATIS and RePath. This GEOSATIS bracelet works in concert with eHawk’s RePath software to provide a complete level of service as a participant moves through the criminal justice system. While a participant has the Geosatis bracelet installed, the RePath smartphone application provides additional information relating to location and compliance with court orders or conditions of release. RePath also proves the participant with court and appointment reminders, immediate two-way messaging, and access to a customized services library. Finally, the RePath application provides the participant with a step-down option and ability to prove compliance with release conditions which may significantly reduce the length of time on the physical bracelet.

Affordability: Whether a jurisdiction covers the cost of smartphone software monitoring or physical bracelets or it requires that those costs be borne by the participant, eHawk is committing to providing both solutions at affordable prices.