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RZero is a public-focused program that assists with communication of public information and location-based decisions and outcomes.

eHawk has adapted much of the functionality of RePath into a separate application called RZero, which is focused on the public information rather than criminal justice. The goal with RZero is to take full advantage of the ubiquity and functionality of the modern smartphone in any way possible to help mitigate and contain public hazards. RZero will include an application available on the iOS and Android app stores with an associated platform (accessible by government agencies) that will perform all of the assistive functions of the RePath app with a particular focus on:

  • Sending accurate, approved, and timely public information,
  • Obtaining timely information from the user,
  • Providing access to federal, state, and local services,
  • Providing location warnings for virus hotspots and assisting with isolations,
  • Setting curfews or inclusion zones to assist with isolations,
  • Providing warnings to the user and agency officials upon violations of inclusion or exclusion zones,
  • Providing historical data (including location data) for epidemiological use to the various agencies.

The program will also provide opt-in SMS text alerts with updated and approved public information to any individual even if they do not download the application.

RZero is available for use by those infected, those concerned for infection, or any population or individual an agency deems appropriate.

App has periodic reminders to check-in
Appointment aids including reminders and directions
Access to Agency and Issue Submission
In-person check-ins through video chat